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OpenText Analytics

OpenText Analytics Suite (formerly Actuate) helps organizations improve decision-making, gain operational efficiency and increase visibility by enabling IT to place interactive dashboards, reports, and data visualizations quickly into the hands of business users. OpenText Analytics can leverage all your data — whether structured or unstructured, internal, CRM, big data, Internet of Things, or social media — in relevant, interactive visualizations to increase your opportunities for growth. The OpenText Analytics iHub Visualization platform can be used to deliver traditional reporting solutions as well as highly interactive, personalized information delivery applications all on a massively scalable basis.

Innovent's  OpenText Analytics consulting services include:

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Our OpenText Analytics Experience

Innovent Solutions has extensive experience with all of the major OpenText Analytics and Actuate releases including Actuate 9, Actuate 10, Actuate 11 (ActuateOne) and the BIRT iHub Visualization platform. Innovent's OpenText Analytics consulting services are based on partnering with our clients to create solutions that address current needs while supporting growth and flexibility in the future. Our consulting staff is experienced with all aspects of the OpenText Analytics product stack and each of our engagements is crafted with the objectives of rapid implementation, quick return on investment, reduced risk and knowledge transfer to your staff. We have the expertise and experience to ensure a solid technical infrastructure, cohesive integration with applications and proper data provisioning to ensure effective reporting and analysis.

The core of all of the OpenText Analytics product offerings is the open-source Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) project. As a founding member of the BIRT project, Innovent has extensive experience on the development, use and management of BIRT projects. Innovent provides BIRT training, mentoring and project development expertise to teams of all sizes.

Please Contact Us today to discuss how we can help you maximize your OpenText Analytics investment.